How A Bankruptcy Attorney Can Help

This law firm is very warm and welcoming in a difficult situation. Mr. Schwilm and his staff are very friendly and happy to answer questions and calm fears. The paralegal, Abby, even lent a sympathetic ear as I broke down in tears in her office. She was also willing to work with me and my crazy schedule between a full time job and children. I would highly recommend this law firm for any of the ...

How a Charlotte Bankruptcy Attorney Can Help

Our Comprehensive Approach to Debt Relief

At Schwilm Law Firm, PLLC, we are dedicated to providing our clients with solutions that address long-term needs rather than focusing on immediate relief from debt. Many attorneys may offer advice that can provide a false illusion of relief for a short period of time, which can end up causing individuals more money and more legal problems later down the road.

Our Charlotte bankruptcy attorney and our legal team genuinely want you to walk away from this time in your life with composure and the full understanding that your financial future can be bright. Because we offer honest and sincere bankruptcy advice to our clients, you can remain hopeful that your credit score can be repaired. With the right legal guidance, you can begin to make empowered decisions that can transform you, your family, or your business today and for years to come.

Helping Debtors in Charlotte for More Than 15 Years

In light of the recent economy, bankruptcy can happen unexpectedly, and financial hardships can put even the most prepared family or business person in a rough spot. It is not our job to question or judge how you got into your current predicament. Perhaps you have suffered from a recent business investment that did not do well. Perhaps a family member has been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. Perhaps you have had to pay for serious emergency expenses or you lost a long-time job.

When you come to our firm, you can expect the following:

  • Tailored solutions for your personal needs, goals, and objectives
  • Personal and attentive service that is focused on getting your life back on track
  • Solutions geared toward long-term relief, not just immediate answers
  • Assistance keeping collection agencies, collectors, or banks at bay
  • Experienced representation for any court proceeding involving repossessions, foreclosure, or wage garnishment

At Schwilm Law Firm, PLLC, we take great pride in representing people from all walks of life. Our clients are never treated like just another case number or file in our records. We can only begin to understand the amount of anxiety or stress that you may be experiencing at this time, so we take care to see you through this difficult process. No matter what motivated you to come to our office, we are glad that you have decided to be proactive and ask for help.

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