Life After Bankruptcy

Lee & his staff went out their way to make my bankruptcy case as simple as possible. I have to admit I was extremely nervous about taking this giant step in my life, but Lee and his staff was there for me every step of the way. I really had nothing to be nervous about as this transaction was flawless. These guys are very professional and also very friendly. Lee, I will never forget your kindness ...

Life After Bankruptcy in Charlotte

Schwilm Law Firm, PLLC can help you improve your financial future!

At Schwilm Law Firm, PLLC, our legal team has been working together for years, and some of our staff members are former clients. Having been in your shoes at some point in our lives, we can legitimately sympathize with the confusing emotions that you may be experiencing. Most importantly, however, we are proof that you can enjoy a better life after bankruptcy!

Because we have been where you are, we know how to guide you through this hardship and help you find the light at the end of the tunnel. Our Charlotte bankruptcy attorney and our staff members are genuinely committed to giving you the counsel and advice that you need to move on with your life. With our firm at your side, you can begin to live a life completely free from the burden of debt, the stress of collection harassment, or the fear of losing your home.

Common Misconceptions About Bankruptcy

Unfortunately, misconceptions about bankruptcy have prevented countless consumer debtors from reaching out and asking for the help that they so desperately need. Below, we have listed some common myths about bankruptcy. We have also included information about how our skilled attorney believes you can begin to make steps toward credit repair and living life debt free.

Only people who are financially irresponsible file for bankruptcy.
It's common to think that only people with frivolous spending habits file for bankruptcy, but this is a flawed assumption. People can file for bankruptcy for many reasons, such as costly medical expenses to treat a life-threatening illness. Bankruptcy is not something that should make you feel ashamed. Instead, filing for bankruptcy shows that you have the courage to ask for help and address your situation.

My credit score will never recover if I file for bankruptcy.
In today's financial environment, a good credit score can mean everything. While it is true that filing for bankruptcy can remain on a credit report for up to 10 years, this does not mean that a person's financial credibility will be ruined for forever. In fact, because a person's credit score is typically poor prior to filing for bankruptcy, proceeding with bankruptcy can increase your ability to rebuild your score after eliminating burdensome debts. With the right counseling, you can begin to make proactive and positive steps toward learning how to repair your credit. Soon enough, agencies will be willing to offer you credit cards or loans.

My spouse and family will be left penniless.
If you decide to file for bankruptcy, this does not mean that your spouse must also file for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy does not mean that you and your family will lose everything. Many times, we are able to help our clients keep their homes, their valuables, and their personal property.

People will find out about my financial hardship.
Many people are concerned about filing for bankruptcy because of the social stigma that has been associated with it in the past. While it is true that bankruptcy is a public legal proceeding, people do not typically find out that you have filed for bankruptcy unless they look through the public records. Additionally, once you understand that filing for bankruptcy is not indicative of moral or personal failure, you do not have to suffer from feelings of shame, guilt, or embarrassment. We know bankruptcy is a sensitive matter and we always honor our clients' privacy while keeping their exposure minimal.

I will be fired from my current job or won't be eligible for other career options.
Under the protection of bankruptcy laws and federal legislation, your employer will be prohibited from firing you because of your financial situation. Additionally, future employers can look at your credit file but cannot refuse to hire you because of your credit because doing so would be not only unethical but also discriminatory.

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